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  • "Where the heck are you?"

    "I looked online and I can't find you!"

    "Dr Pepper Park?  What's that?"

    Here's a catchall post for those of you who have had trouble finding us or haven't tried yet and just want to know. 

  • We've got the Roanoke Wing Fest coming up this weekend so we figured we'd give you a nice (sometimes long) answer that will help you find us.  Trust me, it's easy once you know.

    Are you from Roanoke?

    If you're from Roanoke or close you probably know the area we're in.  Do you know where the new Starbucks is in South Roanoke?  No?  Ok, How about the Virginia Tech/Carilion School of Medicine?  Or the South 16 Apartments?  If any of that is ringing a bell you've found us.  We're in the same development as the Starbucks and South 16.  Bam!  That was easy.

    Don't know where any of that is? 

    Ok, this is going to be easy too.  Jefferson Street runs from Downtown Roanoke to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.  Before you cross the bridge in front of the hospital we're on your left.  Bam!  That was easy.

    But maybe not.  Don't know where the hospital is? 

    Get off of 581 at the Elm Avenue Exit.  If you're coming from the South take a left.  If you're coming from the north that would be a right.  Heading AWAY from Vinton.  That's EXIT 6 heading west on Elm.  Almost immediately take a left on Jefferson.  Keep on that road until you see the big apartments called South 16 on your left. Bam!  That was tougher but we got there in the end.

    Remember, parking for the Roanoke Wing Fest can be found by finding our site and following the parking signs, OR you can just jump downtown to the Elmwood Park garage and we'll shuttle you in for free.  We really appreciate you coming to Dr Pepper Park for this event or any other event throughout the year.  Thanks for reading and we'll see you there!

    You can always check out our contact page if you have more questions.